Why should I buy a new Cessna?

Most people will tell you that the cost of an airplane is the price you pay, plus the cost of fuel, maintenance, insurance, hangar, etc.

And they’d be almost right!

When considering an airplane purchase, keep in mind that the real cost of the airplane is all of the costs mentioned above, minus the price you’ll sell the airplane for when you move up or out of aviation, divided by the number of hours you flew the airplane.

The real cost is the sum of :

(Purchase price  +  Fixed expenses  + Variable expenses)  minus  Selling Price  =  Real expense/hours flown  =

The Real Cost

So, it pays to consider the newest airplane that you can afford (or obtain financing for) because both your maintenance and interest costs will be lower with a new airplane and your real cost can be much lower!

Additionally, your down payment may be significantly lower on a new airplane which reduces your initial out of pocket expenses.

What’s more, you’ll enjoy flying with the latest avionics that increase the safety, capability and functionality of your airplane.

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