How do I choose a good school?

Start by locating the Cessna Pilot Centers in your desired area.  You can enter your zip code to find the nearest schools.

Once you’ve found the Cessna Pilot Centers, narrow down the prospects.  There are 3 basic areas to evaluate when searching for a good school for a leaseback:

  1. Activity:  How much do the current airplanes fly?  Your airplane will dilute the monthly numbers, so will this be enough for you to justify the leaseback?
  2. Fleet: How are the current airplanes maintained?  Regardless of what you’re told about how well the school will take care of your airplane, “What you see is what you get!”
  3. Team:  Do you like these folks?  Do your business philosophies match?  You’re going into business with this group so make sure you see them as good partners.


If you can use some help identifying possible partners in the Michigan and Northern Ohio region, contact Suburban Aviation.

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